Information for our guests

Where do I park?

There is a large parking lot located in front of the main auditorium.  Please feel free to park anywhere in that lot.

Where do I go after I have parked?

Whether you come for a Sunday school, a Sunday service, or our Wednesday service, please enter through the doors below the large arched window.  There are several friendly people there who can help you find out where to go next.

What are the services like?

Our services are intentionally modeled on the practices of the church in the New Testament.

There is a lot of energetic singing of songs and hymns in the traditional, conservative style.  For example, we enjoy singing songs like Amazing Grace, The Power of the Cross, Great Is Thy Faithfulness, I Run to Christ, and Jesus, What a Friend for Sinners because they exalt our Savior and teach us many wonderful things about our Lord Jesus Christ.

We typically take an offering because the Bible teaches that giving to the Lord is one of the ways that we can honor and obey Him.  Our offerings, however, are strictly voluntary and confidential for our members and regular attendees; when you visit, please don’t feel obligated to put money in the offering!

We enjoy praying together. Prayer is our opportunity to talk with God, and we take time in every service to ask for God’s blessing and direction on our church and in our service.

We always take a moment in the service to greet our guests.  Please don’t be embarrassed or offended by this; it is our way of showing you that you are important to us, just as you might treat a visitor to your home with respect!

The central part of our service is Bible-based preaching.  In our services, we hear from God’s Word because that is the way God communicates with us.  The preaching at our church is not based on the opinions or personal preferences of our pastor, but solely on the Bible; in fact, our pastor often says that if the message is NOT based on the Bible, we have no obligation to listen to it!  All of our messages are understandable and practical, and we are confident that you will hear something each service that will help you to develop your relationship with God.

Our services sometimes end with an invitation, which is our opportunity to respond to the preaching of God’s Word.  Typically, the piano plays a hymn while people in the congregation are given the opportunity to come to the front of the auditorium to pray quietly about something God has shown them in the service, or to ask for guidance from a member of the staff.  When you visit, there is no pressure to go forward in the invitation!

How long do services last?

Our services typically last about 70 minutes.

What about my children?

For infants and toddlers, we have well-lit, pleasant, safe nurseries that are staffed by competent, compassionate ladies.  Nurseries are locked during the services and monitored by both security cameras and safety patrols.

For school-aged children up through fourth grade, we have age-appropriate classes during both the Sunday school and morning service times.  In the evening services, children are encouraged to sit with their families in the regular services.

For teens, there is a teen group that meets on Sunday morning for Sunday school, and then on Wednesday nights for a program of  games and Bible study.

How would you describe the people of Faith?

Our people are friendly people.  In fact, when people visit, the friendliness of our congregation is often the first thing those visitors mention about our church.  You will see that our people love to talk with one another, to encourage one another, to laugh together, and to simply be around each other!  When you visit, we are confident that you will feel welcome and comfortable with our people.  After all, we are just like you: the Bible says that all people are essentially the same.  For example, Romans 3:23says, “For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.”  According to God, we are all sinners, whether we attend church or not.  The difference in our lives is that we have trusted in Jesus Christ’s finished sacrifice to pay the penalty for our sins; and we want you to have the same peace that we have as a result of Christ’s work.  Won’t you visit us and see the difference Christ has made in us?